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About Us

Social media has transgressed from being an obscure word uttered by urban elites in savvy corridors of the virtual world. It has penetrated, rather invaded our country and a huge chunk of our vast populace, a figure thrice the population of Australia, have welcomed it in their lives as a friend, philosopher and guide to say the least. The times are changing, so are we. The biggest change in the world is here, we’re looking at it right now, as you read this. A new world order is falling into place and the newest medium of communication has thrown its arms wide open, welcoming every new citizen with simplicity and delight.

But like every change, it appears to be unnerving, and usual discomforts of leaving the familiar is keeping some of us from accepting it. This new world is one where opinions, voices and judgments are passed by the second, rules broken, new ones created and broken again by the second. Some mind boggling stats add to the chaos. The majority of user groups are under 25 years of age or above 55, the language used on social media is a blend of a thousand dialects, a candid home video of a child gets shared by millions…the list goes on. Is there a method to this madness? Of course there is, patterns and predictable courses can be determined if one delves in to the intricacies of this new found planet and its inhabitants. In a nutshell, society at large is a part of this change and what was unheard of a couple of years ago is pretty much passé now. This is the new world, this is the new regime, this is when we need to look at things with a new perspective, a new world vision if you will. It’s safe when we say what was unimaginable yesterday is what we would call the new normal today.

Don’t let confusion get the better of you. Social media is here to stay and it promises infinite opportunities and chances. Join us and let us guide you through this baffling new world loaded with unforeseen opportunities. With years of cumulative experience in building brands, advertising and communicating, autumn has that extra edge. The synthesis of creative communication with social media insights and expertise is what makes us stand out of the crowd. We deconstruct this apparent puzzle and let you understand the simplicity of it all. Trust us, it’s what we do. We shape the new “normal”.