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Powered by a leadership team who harvest their vast experience in traditional brand communication, Autumn thrives on leveraging consumer insights, best practices and knowledge to ideate and develop successful, engaging and clutter breaking digital and social media campaigns. The approach is purely consumer focused while the application is in the world of new normal. Be it ideation or delivery, the pivot for our brand communication starts and ends with a customer. With Autumn, insights lead to the right engagement, leading to a lasting relationship.

Autumn offers Digital and Social Media Marketing solutions. Social Media works in an integrated model with ‘Social Listening’ and ‘Social Outreach’.

  • Social Listening: listening to social conversations across Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs and more; and driving intelligence/ creating value for organizations. Intelligence that creates leads, customer relationships, new product development and more.
  • Social Outreach (proactively and creatively positioning the brand in the social space across platforms like Facebook, YouTube Twitter, Blogs and more.