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New world order of Liking and Sharing
Dharam | March 14, 2013

Love it or hate it, but you’ll admit social media is not a passing fad. Over the last five years, numerous social media platforms have grabbed our attention, sometimes admittedly even taking over our lives. Read more...

Twitter Enriching the IPL Experience for Fans
Nikhil Cariappa | March 14, 2013

Since IPL6 kicked off, fans have followed the action live through twitter. Twitter has created a discover page for the IPL, enabling fans across the world to congregate in one virtual space. Read more...

Generation 2.0 India wants Speed with Google
Nikhil Cariappa | March 14, 2013

The present generation of social media and technology savvy urban Indians are demanding what countries with better infrastructure are used to. Read more...

Anusha Shetty addresses top women managers at MMA’s Women’s Day event

Bangalore, India – Mar 08, 2013: CEO of Autumn Worldwide, Anusha Shetty is set to address top women managers, as a key member of a panel discussion on ‘Reinventing Equality’

Madras Management Association partners with Autumn For Social Media Services

Bangalore, India – Feb 01, 2013: Madras Management Association (MMA) has entered into a ‘socio-strategic’ partnership with Autumn Worldwide.

Autumn Launches Enterprise Social Policy

Bangalore, India – Apr 26, 2013: Autumn Worldwide in partnership with a leading legal firm and specialists in Indian cyber law, has unveiled ‘Enterprise Social Policy’,

Autumn Unveils Social Media Academy for Enterprises

Bangalore, India – Feb 15, 2013: – Autumn Worldwide will offer social media training to its corporate clients through its newly launched Social Media Academy.
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