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In the normal course of business, your brands and your products will influence and shape the lives of innumerable people. They will take to social media to express their feelings, acknowledge your brand and how it affected them. These people are your influencers – hidden from view, connected to myriad human networks and leaving a firm imprint of your brand in the minds of people.

Autumn uses a home grown algorithm to identify influencers, learn about their credibility and track what they talk about regularly. We rank them on the basis of their persuasiveness and their reach. We build relationships with them and motivate them to talk in favour of your brand on social platforms.

Influencer marketing is a growing trend in the arena of modern business. It’s an approach where instead of focusing on a large group of people, we target specific individuals and leverage their influence. This can go a long way in nurturing your brands. People turn to their friends for sound advice, they trust their judgement and we make this work for our clients. As we mine deeper for insights into your influencers, we discover their true feelings about your brand - their grievances, their needs and we publish this information to help our clients implement a stop gap until they have time to work on the right solution. So even if there are customers who are unhappy with a product or a service, the situation can never snow ball into a controversy. Our clients remain firmly in control of their reputation and credibility. To know more just write to us at info@autumnworldwide.com