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Presence Management

Individual Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare, Wiki, Blogs, Blog Moderation, Social Bookmarking, Location Pinning. This service is available both as a standalone and an integrated solution.
Day to day messaging is aligned to strategy. The content architecture framework defines the balance.

Social Analytics
Media Edge : Allows Social Media insights to add value to your knowledge of the target audience and helps make recommendations into the media plan.
Content Edge: Understand your target audience and what content they are looking for! It facilitates the generation of social content to align into their mindsets.
Audience Edge: Understand your audience – the trends, prejudices and preferences;
adding value to products, marketing campaigns and more.
Lead Generation: Creating a new pipeline with a listening program.
Customer Relationship Management: Tracking customer conversations, complaints, compliments
and sentiments. Responding and managing the fostered relationships in real time.
Trends and Crisis Prediction: Tracking social conversations in a loop, to follow patterns and trends that brands can take advantage of and take measures to make controlled/informed decisions.
Brand Audit: An overview of the industry, the brand and its competition.
Campaign Reports: This report tracks the impact of a campaign in the Social space.
Industry Audit and Response: One report that gives a dashboard view into the industry activity. This report covers the brand, its competition and their activities. Get the latest updates and follow patterns to connect with the people who matter - the influencers, analysts, journalists and prospective leads.
Competition Audit: Answers to the key questions - who is the competition? What are the conversations about them in the social space? Identifying the noteworthy conversations; insights and learning.

Integrated Solutions
Targeted Messaging: It is possible today to reach the target audience in a multitude of ways. What if we showed you a way to be as close as possible to your TA in a direct or indirect way across numerous platforms, using our Targeted Messaging services? We have developed a time-tested and an innovative approach to cluster and target only those who matter to the sales funnel.
Reputation and Social Crisis Management: In the social era, reputation and brand image is paramount. Our Social Listening and Outreach capabilities take proactive steps to build and maintain sustainable relationships with people who matter - influencers, analysts, journalists and the true fans of the brand. With the power given to the customer (internal/external), a crisis can occur in real time. Adequate measures are applied by real time Social Analytics to identify a potential crisis and our Outreach services initiate a damage control mechanism.
Blog Marketing: It involves striking the right balance between Pull and Push media. Content that results not just in product awareness and customer education, but also in conversions based on the set objectives.
Community Management: It is the most sensitive element for brands that are looking to anchor ties within the community. The application of sound domain knowledge, employing influencers where necessary, nurturing the loyal brand ambassadors and creating a considerable social footprint ensures a nourished ecosystem.
Virals and Campaigns: While Presence Management caters to the daily hygiene, it’s important for the brand to resonate with fans, potential fans and the rest of the eco-system. Virals and Campaigns are the driving forces that create a radical change in brand performance on the social space.
Response Management: Managing the Social customer when he is in his own element - his comfort zone - is no mean feat. Our Social Listening practices along with response management best practices allow for real-time planning and response.
Influencer Marketing
Enterprise Social Policy
Mobile Applications
Social HR
Social Metrics

Websites: A website is the face of a brand. Allow brand and digital specialists to position your website to your stake holders. It’s not just the technology or the messaging. It’s a blend of these two worlds.
Lead Generation: Using databases and targeted messaging to create leads is a science and an art. Allow the most cost-effective communication platforms to bring you a new pipeline.
SEO: Performance based SEO services delivers results. It involves targeting the most relevant and the best converting keywords in your niche. Allow creative and media capabilities to create this success.
eDirect Mailers: Delivering the right messaging to the target audience, with the right visuals, thus ensuring better click rates.
User experience Design: Allow design specialists to transform your UI.