Autumn Worldwide Working Culture is totally different from all other companies
We have a smoking zone, TT table, an Xbox, a coffee machine and 16 trees
Autumn is a very friendly place said Kruti with cake smeared on her face. It was her 3rd week on the Job as a Brand Executive
Rahul Mayank and Manisha were not available for comment as they were busy battling it out in a game of TT
We will send you an email on this, just give me 10 minutes! - said Mithun while he was distributing ice cream on his 5th Year Anniversary of working with Autumn.
Autumnites Songs Love
1 Hymn For The Weekend Coldplay- Often accompanied with one simple question Lean On Major Lazor & Dj Snake, the first 3 notes will be followed by a line dance
Lose Yourself to Dance Daft Punk Usually played to drown out the sound of an escalation 4 Gulabo Shandaar Expect no work to be done, and all deadlines to be pushed, when this number is on. Autumnites favorite Song - Sorry Justin Bieber, Even we're trying to Figure out how this got on to our playlist
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